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** End of Term,  Friday 7th April ** Year 11 finishing at the end of period 3 (12.20) ** Years 7 - 10 finishing at the end of period 4 (13.20)  ** School resumes Monday 24th April **

Welcome to Chamberlayne College for the Arts.  We are a small, mixed foundation school highly committed to serving the local community and particularly the young people who are educated here.

The Governors, staff and myself share a passionate belief that all students should have their needs met both educationally and socially.  We all firmly believe that our role is to prepare young people for their lives ahead.  We will be unerring in our drive to providing the best quality education across a rich and varied curriculum that is well matched to individual student needs.

As you will no doubt be aware, the South coast has a highly competitive employment market and we know

that educational achievement can be key to the success of many young people hence our commitment to be relentless in pursuit of high educational standards.  This will then enable our young people to compete very favourably with other school leavers nationally whether that is in college, university, apprenticeships or employment selection processes.

We want our students to enjoy their learning while developing pride, self-motivation, compassion and self-discipline that will serve them superbly beyond compulsory education.  This isn’t a process that begins at the end of students’ time here but the beginning and is one that we will be closely monitoring and communicating with parents and students themselves.

We are rightly proud of the performing arts that are on offer here at Chamberlayne College for the Arts.  We feel that it is a vital component of the curriculum that helps young people gain confidence, resilience and  teamwork while having fun either through dance (ballet to street), drama, learning a musical instrument or singing in one of our many bands or choirs.


If you are considering applying to send your child to Chamberlayne College then, please contact us for an appointment where we can answer any queries you may have.

I look forward to meeting you.


Nick Giles

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Together we can and we will create an environment and culture where our students can thrive educationally and personally so that they will challenge for the best post 16 courses, apprenticeships and in time, university and jobs.  They will be morally adept and will operate as citizens with a social conscience.

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