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CURRICULUM: ASDAN CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness)

Approach/Learning Styles

The CoPE course offers students a wide range of learning experiences, from classbased projects to outdoor activities, computer-based tasks to creative arts.

The course teaches the key skills of “Working with Others”, “Improving own Learning”, “Discussion”, “Research”, “Problem Solving” and “Oral Presentation”, through the study of 12 topic areas.

Each topic, or Unit of Study, counts for a Credit and students must complete all 12 Credits to pass the course.

Students learn to organise their own portfolio of work, self-monitor their progress and take responsibility for meeting deadlines.

All these key skills are highly valued by employers and Sixth Form Colleges.


Option Choices at KS4

(Brief overview including exam board, controlled assessment, exams etc.)

The CoPE course follows the syllabus specified by Asdan, the awarding body, and comprises 12 units of study, completed over Years 10 & 11 to build up a portfolio of evidence of students’ achievements.

There is no final examination, but students must complete all the compulsory self- and peer assessment documentation to validate their portfolios. All portfolios are then assessed by the Asdan Moderator.

Units of Study:

  1. Communication
  2. Citizenship and Community
  3. Sport and Leisure
  4. Independent Living
  5. Environment
  6. Vocational Preparation

  7. Health and Fitness

  8. Work Related Learning

  9. Science and Technology

10. International Links

11. Expressive Arts

12. Beliefs & Values