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Approach/Learning Styles

Dance is taught to all students at Key Stage 3 and then at Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to opt to study GCSE Dance. Students are taught in mixed gender groups at both Key Stages. They engage in an exciting, motivational Dance curriculum which links directly to the National Curriculum. Students are taught how to develop their performance, choreographic and appreciation skills through a variety of both group and individual work. They participate in classes in their PE kit so they can move freely within a safe working environment.

Students are taught to respect their own work and that of their peers. Students are taught in a purposely build Dance Studio with up to date facilities. They have the opportunity to take part in the schools Rock Challenge event as well as Dance Performance Evening. Students have the chance to participate in Dance workshops led by professional Dance companies such as the Northern Ballet and Motionhouse Theatre Company and are encouraged to attend after-school dance classes specifically tailored to their year group. Students have numerous opportunities to perform in front of the school and their local community if they wish to develop their performance talents.

Overview of Content at KS3

Year 7

Students learn how to create basic Dance pieces based on the use of Action, Space, Dynamics and Relationships. All schemes of work are theme related to engage and motivate students; stimulating creative movement ideas and developing selfconfidence.

Year 8

Students learn how to appreciate professional dance works, as well as how to develop their movement ideas to a complex level. They learn how to perform contact work successfully developing secure technical and performance skills.

Year 9

Students learn how to develop their technical and performance skills to an advance level giving them the necessary skills to more smoothly onto the GCSE Dance course if they wish too. Students also experience Street Dance and Chance Technique as well as having the opportunity to choreograph their own dances independently.


Option Choices at KS4

Students have the opportunity to study the AQA GCSE Dance course at Key Stage 4 and are required to:

  1. Choreograph their own dance based on a stimulus given to them by the examination board - 25% of final GCSE Dance grade.
  2. Learn a Set Dance which is set by the examination board – 20% of final GCSE Dance grade.
  3. Choreograph a Solo Dance based on the professional work ‘Swansong’ by Christopher Bruce - 15% of final GCSE Dance grade.
  4. Perform in a Performance Piece based on the professional dance work ‘Perfect’ by Motionhouse Dance Company - 20% of final GCSE Dance grade.
  5. Complete a written exam paper - 20% of final GCSE Dance grade.

An external examiner comes into school to assess all students’ practical work.