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Approach/Learning Styles

Within the English Department there is a culture of continuous improvement and empowerment of staff and students.

The Curriculum and teaching is flexible, adaptable, and matched to student needs. We have high expectations of all students and we ensure all teaching is personalised challenging and skills based. Teaching is designed to inspire students and they are encouraged to take risks.

We aim to create students that are:


Overview of Content at KS3

Year 7

During Year 7 students study a range of non-fiction texts; extracts from biographical and autobiographical accounts, newspaper articles and leaflets to explore language devices, audience, purpose and text type. There are opportunities for creativity when studying poetry and fiction. The Animated Shakespeare Project allows students to combine their skills in reading, presenting and use of IT. A highlight of the year is the visit of exotic animals where students can look, handle and write descriptively about our unusual visitors.

Year 8

Building on Year 7, students are exposed to a wide range of texts. Two fiction texts are read during the year. These are selected to support and challenge reading which of course forms the basis of work in all curriculum areas. The study of poetry from 18th to 20th Century prepares students for the requirements of the GCSE syllabus. The study of Shakespeare is delivered through performance and drama. Speaking and listening skills are developed through dynamic debate.

Year 9

Year 9 is the bridge between KS3 and KS4. Students develop skills of analysis of language through studying a range of non-fiction and fiction texts, poetry and Shakespeare. Students are introduced to pre 20th century ghostly gothic horror. They also hone creative writing skills and have the opportunity to take part in creative writing competitions.


Option Choices at KS4

We follow the AQA examination board.  

English Language:

Year 10 and 11 is devoted to preparing students for the final GCSE examinations in both English language and English literature. Students will explore creative reading and writing. Sources will be drawn from different time periods and genres.

English Literature:

Students will study a Shakespeare text, a modern text and poetry in depth and detail.