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Approach/Learning Styles

At KS3 Geography is taught as 2-3 week topics, on rotation with History and RE. During these weeks students spend their Humanities lessons gaining an in depth knowledge and understanding of Geography and Geography skills. We use an enquiry based approach where students gain a secure knowledge of each topic by carrying out an investigation into the issue or event we are studying individually or in groups. This curriculum is supported by fieldwork visits.

In KS4 all students choose to study either Geography or History GCSE. Geography GCSE builds on student’s knowledge and skills to develop enquiring minds. Students investigate the physical processes that shape our planet and the human processes that are changing it. They learn decision making skills as they plan for a more sustainable future.

Overview of Content at KS3

Year 7

Our Year 7 topics begin with an investigation of the school site, the City of Southampton and then progress to look at South-east Asia, Natural Hazards, Flooding, Tourism and the Coast.

Year 8

Our Year 8 topics are Mumbai, Rivers, Kenya, Food and Farming, Locating Industry and Earthquakes and Tsunamis.

Year 9

Our Year 9 topics are Ecosystems, Weather and Climate, Walking with Dinosaurs, Population and Urbanisation, Energy and the Environment and World Poverty.

Option Choices at KS4

GCSE Geography currently follows the WJEC Geography B syllabus. Students study 18 case studies from the UK and around the world as well as developing map and graph skills. These are focused on 3 key themes:

These themes are examined in 2 papers in June of Year 11, worth 75% of their GCSE grade. Students also carry out a fieldwork investigation and write up their own project as Controlled Assessment to gain the other 25% of their mark.

Each year students have the opportunity to attend a fieldwork visit in Year 10 and then their Controlled Assessment visit in Year 11. In recent years these field trips have included Woolston, Southampton city centre, Lyndhurst, Barton-on-sea, Balmer Lawn, Lymington and Hurst Castle Spit.