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Approach/Learning Styles

At KS3 History is taught as 2-3 week topics, on rotation with Geography and RE. During these week’s students spend their Humanities lessons gaining an in depth knowledge and understanding of History and History skills. They work individually or in groups to investigate sources, explore the lives of people in the past and examine changes to the monarchy, government and the church. This curriculum is supported by visits to Historical sites.

In KS4 all students choose to study either Geography or History GCSE. History GCSE is focussed on developing skills for source investigation and analysis, where students learn to question information that is presented to them. They gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of events from world history and develop their skills of essay writing and reasoning.

Overview of Content at KS3

Year 7

Our Year 7 topics are History Skills, Norman Conquest, Medieval Southampton, Life in the Middle Ages, Life in Tudor Times and Stuarts.

Year 8

Our Year 8 topics are the Roman Empire, the British Empire, Crime and Punishment, Native Americans, Industrial Revolution, USA 1861-1910, Entertainment and Leisure, and Humanities in the News.

Year 9

Our Year 9 topics are Slavery, First World War, Imperial War Museum Visit, Second World War, Cold War and 1910-1929 USA.

Option Choices at KS4

At KS4, History GCSE is currently following the OCR History B – Modern World syllabus. Students study three areas of history;


These topics are examined by 2 papers in June of Year 11, worth 75% of their final mark. A further 25% of their GCSE comes from Controlled Assessment, a 2000 word essay based on a different topic each year. At present the topic is American Civil Rights. Students will have the opportunity to attend a museum visit during the course; at present this is the Imperial War Museum in London