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Approach/Learning Styles

Students are encouraged to use high levels of independence in Music, often selecting their own choice of repertoire from a given topic. Students will lead their own rehearsals in preparation for performance and are expected to make appropriate use of musical vocabulary to evaluate and refine their own work (and the work of others). Students develop their musical understanding through a range of listening, composing and improvisation tasks within a wide range of musical genres and will gain experience of playing a wide variety of musical instruments.


Overview of Content at KS3


Option Choices at KS4

Course: Rockschool Level 2 Music Practitioner – Certificate (20 Credits)

Overview: The course is divided into 3 units of study:

Throughout this course students are expected to demonstrate high levels of independence. They will be required to work in collaboration with others throughout each of the units and must therefore demonstrate consistently high communication and team working skills.