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Approach/Learning Styles

At KS3 RE is taught as 2-3 week topics, on rotation with Geography and History. During these week’s students spend their Humanities lessons gaining an in-depth knowledge and understanding of RE and RE skills. They work individually or in groups to investigate a range of religious beliefs and ethical issues. This curriculum is supported by visits to religious sites.

KS4 Religious Studies is delivered to all students, alongside their History or Geography GCSE. At present students can opt into the RS GCSE exam and take it at the end of Year 10. We strongly believe that an understanding of world religions supports learning in History and Geography.


Overview of Content at KS3

Year 7

Topics are Inspirational People, Christianity, Hinduism, Gandhi, Aid and Humanities in the News.

Year 8

Topics are Islam, Rites of Passage, Animal Rights, Religion and Conflict, Science and Religion and Humanities in the Workplace.

Year 9

Topics are Religion and Relationships, Religion, Sport and Leisure, Religion and Human Rights, Drug Abuse, Medical Ethics and Humanities in the News. These topics are part of the RS GCSE content which students can currently take at the end of Year 10.

Option Choices at KS4

At KS4, RS GCSE is currently following the AQA Religious Studies B – Ethics, Philosophy and Religion in Society syllabus. Students study religious viewpoints on a range of ethical issues, some of which they study in Year 9;


These topics are examined by 2 papers in June of Year 10 or 11. There is no Controlled Assessment for RS