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Visitors from Korea

Chamberlayne College was delighted to play host to a very important delegation from Korea this term. Four teachers from different regions of Korea travelled thousands of miles to join us for a couple of weeks. They really enjoyed their time here and were a big hit with our students and staff. During their visit they also took time to share their own culture with us and we now have a very positive and informed view of what education is like in Korea.

We thank them for their very valuable visit and wish them a very safe journey home again.

Hyoun-suk Lee from Jeonbuk Donghwa Middle School

“ I have been very happy at Chamberlayne. I have watched many different classes and observed excellent lessons. It was all so good and I think the students are similar to mine in Korea. I appreciated all of your kindness. Chamberlayne College is a very good school. Thank you for welcoming us all so warmly.”

You Myunghwa from Seomjin Middle School in Imsil Jellabukdo

" I really appreciated everything that the students and staff did to welcome us. I really enjoyed the lessons and activities when I joined lessons. The students were always smiling and kind to be and I felt welcome everywhere. Thank you for your kindness again."

Meesook Park from Jinan Girls School

" Really nice meeting you all. I enjoyed English school life for two weeks. I was very impressed by your kind guides and mindful considerations. Your open minds helped me observe all lessons and the assemblies gave me some good ideas for teaching maturity. There are many differences between England and Korea, however all teachers are here trying their best and proud of showing how everyone can learn. Thank you for inviting me!”

Oh Jeong Hwa

"Hello, I'm an English teacher from the Geumgu Middle School in Korea. I wanted to know how to teach in England and was very interested in what you do. It was a short stay but very useful for me to see what you do. I really enjoyed staying with you and thank you god your hospitality. I hope to see you all again one day."

"Me and my friends met four lovely ladies from Korea this week and talked to them for a long time. They said that their students have to work really hard, their days are much longer, sometimes not ending until 10 O'Clock at night. They seemed to have had a really useful time at our school. They were really interested in what we can do after school such as clubs and the many trips we go on each year and how we collected data on these trips."    Kaci Year 9