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Parent Consultation Evenings

Year 7

Wednesday 9th November 2017

Year 11

Wednesday 11th January 2017

Year 9

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Year 10

Wednesday 5th April 2017

Year 8

Wednesday 17th May 2017

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Chamberlayne goes to the Polls today

8th June 2017 - Election Day at Chamberlayne

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Mr Royston Smith MP

Mr Royston Smith MP  visited Chamberlayne College to be interviewd by our students. This was a really valuable experience for us all. We hope to see him again soon!

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Our visit to the Houses of Parliament

On the 30th of January me and about 20 other students from Chamberlayne travelled to London to explore the world famous Houses of Parliament.

We met a tour guide who carefully showed us around the many different rooms, letting us know many fascinating facts about the historical importance of each one – which was a lot!

After an hour we decided to be the most fabulous tourists and look around London. We took photos of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and other amazing sights that caught our attention.

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Chamberlayne Welcome Friends From Korea

Chamberlayne College was delighted to play host to a very important delegation from Korea this term. Four teachers from different regions of Korea travelled thousands of miles to join us for a couple of weeks. They really enjoyed their time here and were a big hit with our students and staff. During their visit they also took time to share their own culture with us and we now have a very positive and informed view of what education is like in Korea.

We thank them for their very valuable visit and wish them a very safe journey home again.

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KoreanVisitors KoreanVisitors VisitToParliament Royston Smith Going to the Polls